The Revat Philosophy



Although Revat has its roots from other Martial Arts, it is unique in its way that it utilizes strong philosophies within its practice. Revat philosophy plays a huge part in this style, with the general precept being that is not just how you move your body, but also how you move your mind.
It is commonly seen that an attacker and defender are in two different positions, but the Revat philosophy reminds you that neither of these positions can exist without the other and it is this relationship that must be understood, accepted and be harmonized.
One of the primary philosophies of Revat is that one should learn how to achieve victory over oneself, not over others. This differs a lot from conventional martial art ideology where victory over others is usually sought. Revat's philosophy says that victory over others can only be short lived and eventually results in fear, resentment and sometimes even retaliation. It is important to understand for anyone studying this Martial Art that Revat promotes peace by prevention of violent conflict.
The basis of Revat philosophy is built upon harmonizing the body and mind in a peaceful, efficient and fluent way. Students should eventually learn that they can become one with everything around them, and should not retaliate to attacks, but rather accept them and move with them. This can be seen in many of the Revat techniques, even the most basic ones.


The Revat system consists of three levels. The three levels of Revat are:


1. Physical Level

The first and most basic Level in Revat is the physical level. The object here is to protect the body from the attacks and overcome physical confrontations successfully. Nonetheless, even physical Revat is not simply a collection of techniques. Its principles are combined with specific techniques to create spontaneous patterns of movements to defend an attack and control a dangerous situation.

2. Mental/Intellectual Level (Strategy and Tactics)

The same principles we use in the physical level to generate our fighting movements are used at the second level to develop tactics or strategies. Understanding this level can also benefit us in various manifestations of everyday life, e.g. in business, in politics or in personal situations. The object is not so much physical protection, but rather to safeguard our position, social status or business success. In short, the medium level teaches us how to use intelligence, skill and cleverness to survive in the outside world and prevail against others.

3. Spiritual Level (Self-Fulfillment)

This is the highest and most valuable level, the level of the Master. The highest level has nothing to do with the power of the punch (physical level) or with our success in business or with the opposite sex, i.e. in the outside world. Here is where we truly define who we are as a human being, develop our character and integrity; here is where we create.
"For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and thereby loses his soul?"


At the third level, the object is our essence, our real or inner life. Here the point is not to vanquish others, but ourselves (envy, hate, frustration, self-pity, fear, offended sense of justice, self-importance, bad habits etc.). By taking the path of spiritual evolution and liberating ourselves from incorrect thoughts and enslaving physical and mental attitudes, we try to transform ourselves into a new, better and more delightful person. When we have worked on ourselves accordingly, the world will be a better place for our neighbors.

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