Here is what some of the men and women who have gone through the program wanted to share:

"In over a decade of combined military and martial arts experience, including competing at an internation level and ranking 3rd in the world, I was shocked when first introduced to Revat. It's fluid movement, efficiency in managing self defense elements are profound to say the least. I have been learning to redirect my own energy and thought process while developing a flow of motion and control that I have never had and in a fraction of the time it takes to learn other arts. Revat founder and Sifu Ingo Weigel is obviously experienced and passionate about his art and work. The potential to educated students in all aspects of their life through this martial art is great and so many people can benefit from learning and practicing Revat. I look forward to learning more and taking my practice to a whole new level."
Jeremy Manning, Los Angeles, CA
(Some of Jeremy Manning's achievements include: World Championships: Men's Sparring Bronze 04/05, Men's Self-Defense Bronze 04/05; US Nationals: Men's Sparring Silver 04/Gold 05, Men's Creative Weapons Gold 04/05; US West Regionals: Men's Sparring Gold 04/05, Mens Creative Weapons Gold 04/05, Men's Self-Defense Silver 05; Ca State Championship: Men's Sparring Gold 04/05, Men's Creative Weapons Gold 04/05)

"I have been involved in martial arts focusing on close quarter combat through my military and then law enforcement training for almost 20 years now. Through a friend I learned about Revat and was skeptical. But I checked it out and must admit it blew my mind. I felt like a bloody beginner. I would even go so far as to say that this really is one of the best kept secrets in martial arts training. I cannot say much about the group classes though. Due to my work, I only focus on private training. It definitely is worth every single penny to me. Thank you for the training."
JD - Washington, DC
"Awesome introduction! Ingo is calm, clear and collected. The methodology is simple and accessible. I feel that I could apply the techniques quickly with consistent practice. The art definitely compliments everything I have learned in Aikido. I am looking forward to more training."
Franklin Wise - Los Angeles, CA
"I highly recommend Ingo because of his extensive knowledge in self-defense and his ability to create confidence in everyone. Ingo is also very talented when it comes to thinking outside the box to achieve better than average results."
Ryan Cuellar - Chicago, IL
"The training I received from Ingo is by far the best self-defense program I have ever encountered. His REVAT system utilizes effective techniques that will work in everyday situations, unlike highly theatrical, choreographed common programs that may yield a false sense of confidence.
Ingo's teaching method is very effective and he does expose his students to realistic situations in a professional, controlled manner. As a resident of Chicago, after just three months of training, I felt less intimidated in potentially compromising situations."
Marko Dimitrijevic - Chicago, IL
"Initially, I came to Ingo's class with a lot of misconception and even reluctance in accepting his self-defense teachings. Prior to Revat, I had trained karate and kickboxing but found this to be pretty useless in a real  self-defense situation. Then, of course there are so many called self-defense styles with their gurus that all claim to be effective and easy to learn. Of course, later on you will find this to be utter nonsense.
After a brief period, I started to enjoy Revat enormously and I became hooked to going all the time. I truly believe that Ingo Weigel is not only a true self-defense martial art master but I also have found him to be an awesome teacher who will help you progress to the next level."
Cyrano Pallandt - Chicago, IL
"I started taking Revat in preparation for travel around the world, but I quickly realized its usefulness in my own daily life in downtown Chicago. Knowing how to defend oneself in a crowded urban area is an invaluable resource, and something I should have started a long time ago.
Having the "wouldn't hurt a fly" personality, I was naturally nervous the first time I took a class. While punches and kicks can seem intimidating, especially to small women like me, Ingo balances that with a lighthearted and relaxed approach that keep students at ease. It didn't take long before I really looked forward to going to class and my confidence was boosted.
What I especially like about Revat is the process and the way one class builds on the next. Ingo tailors each class to the students' abilities within their respective levels so that you're never trying something you're not ready for or doesn't fit with what you already know.
Prior to Revat, I'd only taken one self defense class, where I left with a false sense of power after having spent the majority of the time doing pushups. Sure, I felt strong and exhausted, but I hadn't learned anything about defending myself in a real world situation. However, after my first Revat class, I knew this was the path for me because it built slowly with my abilities and offered a lot of philosophy and reasoning for why we were doing what we were doing.
As my husband and I get ready for our trip, we feel a hundred times more confident than we did just a few months ago. We are equipped with skills that make us better prepared to defend our personal safety. And when we return to the States, we plan to pick up right where we left off."
Marie Studniarz Rudolph – Chicago, IL

"As my wife and I were preparing for an extended trip overseas I started to look for self-defense schools in the Chicago area that provided an effective method to self-defense in close quarters, would improve my wife's self esteem and was practical for someone of her size, she is 5'1/2" tall. Much of what I saw in the 7 schools I visited was not effective in close quarters, combined too much aerobics, or relied too heavily on size and brute force. What's more, the classes were too crowded and the instructors were indifferent and just going through the motions.

Finally, I found Ingo Weigel and Revat. Within three minutes of talking to Ingo, I realized that Revat is what I was looking for. Ingo understood what I wanted to accomplish by taking self-defense and was able to adapt the intensity level of the class to accommodate both my wife and I so that she didn't feel overwhelmed, I was never bored and we both learned a lot. Ingo's classes are small, he gives you personal attention and the system is very effective. My wife feels much more comfortable about going overseas and loves going to class.

With Revat it doesn't matter what your body type is or if you have past martial arts or self defense experience, you will learn how to use the attackers strengths and weaknesses against them to keep yourself safe before the other person even knows what happened to them. I strongly recommend Revat to anyone who is serious about effective self-defense."
Steve Rudolph – Chicago, IL
"I’ve been fascinated by UFC fights for the past 5 years. Last year, I finally mustered up enough courage to take my first Muay Thai class at The Gym in Dubuque, IA despite being the only one in class who didn’t have chiseled 6 pack abs and wasn’t training for a fight. Even though I wasn’t the stereotypical student, I soon became addicted to the sport. When the opportunity arrived to train with Ingo, I jumped on it. It didn’t take me long to realize that Revat is a much smarter way of fighting. I no longer feel intimated that I’m not the biggest and strongest person in the class, but instead feel confident in the fact that I can now defend myself just as well as them."
Sara Amberg – Dubuque, IA
"I really wanted to write you a short note to thank you for all the knowledge you shared with me. You're a truly gifted teacher and I appreciate all of the guidance and patience you showed me while I was training with you. What you have taught me has truly changed my life and I plan on developing my skills to the best of my abilities. I'm looking forward to my next rip home to learn some more from you."
VK - Osaka, Japan
"When I came to Chicago I started looking into taking self-defense classes. I had never heard of Revat before, but among the choices I found on the internet it seemed to speak to me. Not until I took some of the classes did I realize what drew me to it. Revat, unlike other self-defense, does not initially put you in the role of victim. From what I had experienced of other self-defense courses you are given situations where you were being victimized and then ways to get out of those specific holds, grabs, etc. but it didn't really go into what happened next. Your control of the situation always started and stopped there, and logic would then demand that the next step would be to run like hell. But what happens when you can't? What happens when they don't do that exact hold in the exact way that was shown? Most likely you would freeze and end up in just as bad a situation as if you knew nothing of that self-defense training. What Revat gives is different. You come to these situations not as the victim, but from a place of control. They may make the first move, but with Revat training you can reflexively know what to do. Your subconscious takes over. Its like playing catch. When you first started, you would miss, drop it or dodge it, but once you got the hang of it you would step in to grab it and then use its momentum to throw it back. Revat teaches you to do that with a punch. Deflection and reflection. You don't have to be the stronger one if you are sending their energy right back at them."
Renee H. - Chicago, IL
"Living in Chicago, or any big city, can sometimes be daunting for a single woman. I realized that, and wanted to do something about it. By taking Revat classes, I realize that even if I never have to apply my training it gave me confidence in my ability to realistically protect myself; which then in turn, gave me the outward appearance of strength that deterred others from seeing an easy target. Revat demands that you become aware of yourself and how you react. Part of the training is unlearning deeply ingrained habits, and rewiring your brain to act in a more productive way. This skill takes you from a self victimizing attitude to one of self control and self reliance, and can be applied to all aspects of your life."
Helen H. - Chicago, IL
“Learning Revat has been a great experience for me. It definitely gave me a sense of confidence that was built through my training. My training has helped me control the fears that I might encounter in a confrontation. Revat turns that fear into action. Revat training showed me how to deal with realistic scenario's that can occur. Ingo is a great resource with tremendous knowledge.”

Erasmo Vargas – Chicago, IL

“I have only been practicing Revat for 6 months, but already I see and feel the benefits. I have chronic migraines as well as a slipped disc in the cervical section of my spine. Because of these conditions, I have increased tension in my neck and shoulders. The exercises I do in Revat work in way of biofeedback and have been teaching me to relax these muscles; even while in use. This has been a huge benefit for me, so I speak of it first. The primary intention of Revat, of course, is self defense. In this area I already feel more equipped to handle myself in a dangerous situation and also feel more aware and in control of my surroundings. I think that this confidence projects and you are less likely to be made a victim. My husband can also vouch that a couple times when he has snuck up on me; my immediate reaction was to block his "sneak attack" - something I never did before Revat. For anyone considering some sort of self defense (and I think EVERYONE should), I feel REVAT is the best out there.”
Jill Gauger – San Diego, CA
"Since I was a high school student, I have been intrigued by the martial arts. I spent several years training in various styles but always ended up disenchanted about the quality of my training and, ultimately, my progress. Most experiences gave me nothing more than a physical workout in calisthenics routines. I knew I would be unable to truly defend myself and never felt I gained any true "skill." I lost touch with my training when I started medical school for lack of free time. After starting my residency training in Anesthesiology, my schedule became even busier and I ended my days feeling fatigued and often stressed. I wanted to rekindle my interest and was fortunate enough to discover Ingo Weigel's Revat system. I have been impressed with the quality of teaching that he personally bestows upon his students. Revat develops the reflexes and the core on a truly subconscious level. This allows one to truly react to an attack, rather than thinking up an elaborate "counter-move." In reality, there is no time to think of what to do next. I am amazed by Ingo's organized approach to his intricate yet simple system. There is an element of discovery in the techniques which keeps me engaged to learn more. It is a true mind and body workout. I am glad to have a hobby that I enjoy and find myself more confident and relaxed in my daily endeavors."
Ravi Shah - Chicago, IL
"Ingo Weigel has taught me the skills I need to handle myself in any situation. I hold a black belt in karate, but the close-quarter fighting focus of Revat has given me a higher level of confidence to defend myself. He has taken my understanding of the martial arts to a higher level. Not only do I feel confident to handle myself in any confrontation, but the mental aspects of Revat help me succeed at work and in life."
Daniel Peirce - Seattle, WA

"In my younger years, I was a student of the art of Taekwon Do and I accomplished to be certified as a 4th degree black belt. After that I have been looking for a new challenge, a more mature martial art that challenges me as an adult. While visiting Chicago, I met Ingo Weigel and got my first lesson in Revat. That was four years ago and I have been back for training whenever possible. I recently relocated to Chicago in order to deepen my training and become a certified instructor. I have never seen a more efficient and more effective self-defense system. I can only recommend it. If you are looking for realistic self-defense and a new workout program – this is it!"
Daniel Montgomery - Toronto, Canada
"I am an avid student of Revat because the difference between Revat and other martial arts is that I am learning realistic self-defense. That is, I am training my body to reflexively and instantly defend against attacks that may come from behind me, from more than one aggressor, and from individuals who are bigger and stronger. This confidence that I feel now as a result of my Revat training is - what self-defense is all about."
Julie K. - Chicago, IL

"I started taking classes at WT Chicago Self-Defense a few years ago, because I live and work and play in the city. I wanted to feel a bit more secure in my surroundings, whether it's a crowded stadium or a lonely bus stop. However, somewhere along the way I learned that self-defense is more than just being able to counter an attack. It's the intangibles such as how you carry yourself, how you handle stress, how to use your brain and not just muscle and how to use adrenaline to your advantage (don't let it turn into panic)."

"None of this was preached to me -- it came out of the classes which are conducted in an open and relaxed manner. No question is too small or too grand for the instructor to answer, and this open attitude encourages class participation. Any problems are discussed, from multiple angles if necessary, until the student realizes the answer, which then makes that answer so much more meaningful to the student. But above all, the classes are fun. The instructor sets the tone and because of that, we're relaxed and can laugh at our goofs and foibles as we learn and incorporate new ideas. It adds up to a great learning atmosphere."
Alice T. - Chicago, IL

"I live in Toronto and flew to Chicago to train with Ingo based on my Revat instructor’s referral. I spent a week in Chicago, had several private lessons and attended classes. Revat truly is a social martial art. You can not learn it in isolation and to truly appreciate its depth and technical merits you need hands on training with knowledgeable experts. Ingo is an expert in the art, and an excellent teacher. His patience, skill and experience created a fertile and positive learning environment. I look forward to returning to Chicago for more training."
Michael V. - Toronto, Canada

"Revat has taught me practical self-defense techniques that deal with real life scenarios. It has increased my confidence and made me feel more in control of aggressive situations. It has also provided the additional benefit of lowering my stress level. The relaxed learning environment has made it easy to learn and practice the movements. I recommend it to everyone."
Jordon V. - Chicago, IL

"Being a woman in this society is one of the reasons I started taking Revat. The statistic is 1 in 3 women are raped. These are not good odds. Many female friends I know have been raped or were victims of other types of violence, muggings, etc. I myself have been attacked and I am choosing to never feel that sense of helplessness again. As a woman I have been told to be polite and don’t offend. I have learned that sometimes those lessons I was taught as a young girl hindered me later. In Revat I am starting to find my aggressive spirit. I am learning how to defend myself and retain my gentle and feminine qualities. I am just a beginner but already I am learning so much in the short time I have been taking classes. I appreciate the fact that Revat is effective and truly meant for self-defense. I feel lucky to have found this class and look forward to the challenges ahead!"
April H. - Chicago, IL
 "Thanks, it were such a fantastic classes, I learned so much. Mostly it encourages us how to think in a different, serious way that encourages self-protection. Importantly, I look forward to practicing and employing!"

"Rewarding; I feel prepared to do something productive, not just scream. And it was quite a cross training workout."

"Great experience.... The training improved my confidence and showed me how to use my opponent's strength against him."

"Excellent instructions - the classes were extremely effective and the post-class exercises helped to reinforce the skills learned in class. Very positive and high energy."

"I've gained more confidence in my body movement and how to use my body strength to defend myself."
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