NeuroReflexive Programming™ (NRP)

Killer Workout with NRPTM (blindfolded)



The secret to Revat's effectiveness is its unique NeuroReflexive Programming (NRP) exercise. NRP itself is an innovative trainings method that allows practitioners to (re)train their nervous and tactile reflex system. NRP combines ancient survival principles and modern science.
Through NRP, practitioners erase ineffective techniques and behavioral patterns and learn to replace them with new responses that are more advanced and more effective. A practitioner will experience improvement and advancement on all levels: physically, mentally and spiritually (the conscious and subconscious level).
This kind of training will bring exciting results such as balance of body and mind, self-confidence and awareness. Revat™ practitioners are aware of their abilities and skills and will use them to avoid confrontation as much as possible. If, however, they are pushed into a  confrontation, they are able to analyze the situation quickly and use techniques that are proportionate and effective
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