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New Innovative Martial Art, Fitness Program Launches in Los Angeles


Ingo Weigel’s program is a unique exercise regimen that trains pupils how to improve natural reflexes to be more efficient in times of stress (like a self-defense situation). As the creator of Revat he is also the author of “Self-defense for the Modern Times” and a former boxer and border patrol officer from East Germany turned martial artist.
Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) September 17, 2010 – Ingo Weigel, an immigrant from East Germany, announces the availability of a new self-defense and fitness program in Chicago at his Revat Training Center. Teaching busy adults living in an urban environment how to use the only weapons at their disposal 24/7 — their hands and feet — the Revat program is a unique exercise regimen that trains pupils how to improve natural reflexes in times of stress (like a self-defense situation).
“Self-Defense is not only physical, it is also about the combative mind set / state of mind,” says Ingo Weigel.
Revat training also creates a more balanced and calm attitude towards stress and challenges, teaching one to control their fear of being attacked and increasing one’s confidence to tackle life's challenges. The unique curriculum gives the most effective self-defense techniques available, and shows people how Revat can be applied to all five fighting distances. With Revat it does not matter if someone approaches on a dark, quiet street after a night out or in the middle of the day while shopping. Pupils know how to defend themselves and their loved ones.
“We are helping people to feel and be safer,” Weigel says. “We offer classes, workshops and private instructions in personal safety and self-defense. We also offer instructor certification programs.”
To learn more, or to see demonstration videos, visit the Revat Web site at

About Ingo Weigel:

Ingo Weigel is the author of “SELF-DEFENSE FOR MODERN TIMES”, the first book on Revat, an innovative fitness, martial art and self-defense program for busy adults living in an urban environment.

Born in Russia and growing up in former East Germany, martial arts were limited and controlled by the iron fist of the communist government. Weigel, a former law enforcement officer, always had an interest in learning martial arts to protect himself. When the wall came down in 1989, Weigel had the opportunity to learn from the best martial arts instructors and train with the finest practitioners. Weigel gratefully accepted and devoted all his time to the study of martial arts.
With over 20 years of study and active training in Wing Chun/Tsun, Sifu Ingo Weigel is also one of the most senior WC/WT Masters in America. In 2000, Weigel decided to leave Germany. He arrived in the US and opened the REVAT TRAINING CENTER offering classes, private instructions and corporate workshops. Weigel is fluent in English and German. He is also a certified Reiki Master.
Ingo Weigel


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