Revat Teacher Training and Certifications


Program Overview                            

Thank you for your interest in the Revat Teacher Certification Course. We are excited that you have chosen to become a Revat Instructor. And we are excited to teach you all the wonderful things Revat can do for you. Becoming a certified Revat instructor is not only an investment in your professional but also your personal future. We take our instructor training and continued education seriously.

Our goal is to create intuitive, confident, thinking instructors. Your training will cover the Revat system as a whole, then broken down into the detailed work of the technique of each exercise and the purpose. You will learn how to progress a client through the Revat system with regards to that particular body. We are going to give you the tools to be able to train a wide variety of bodies, as every body that comes to Revat is different.

Revat is taught as a system of movement and motion. It is divided into ten different levels in the Revat Technician Program and the Master Program. The Revat Teacher Training Program is designed with that in mind. There are two Revat teacher certifications available in the Revat Technician Program, Revat Instructor Level A and B.

The Revat Technician Progam focuses on empty handed training and skills in all five fighting distances. It does include, however, the ability to defend attacks where the attacker has a weapon (i.e.: knife, stick or firearm). The Master Program introduces you to the advanced techniques, applications and philosophies of the Revat system. It is here where you'll learn to connect the physical, the intellectual (mental) and the spiritual level and make it One. Certifiations in the Master levels also require knowledge, training and skills with different firearms.

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