"I believe in challenging the status quo in everything I do. It is a sign of forward movement and development on a professional and personal level."

Sifu Ingo Weigel   




Here are a few reasons why I believe in the practice of Revat:


  Revat is easy to learn and use!

⇒  Revat makes it easy to deal with other martial arts in close quarter combat!

⇒  I believe it is one of the, if not the most effective martial art system!

⇒  I know it is phenomenal in self-defense and you’ll love it!

⇒  Revat is a great workout for body & mind!

⇒  The practice of Revat is perfect for dealing with a long day of work and stress!

⇒  Revat greatly improves your coordination and sensory motor skills!

⇒  It harmonizes the body & mind!

⇒  Revat is about living life to its fullest and consciously in the moment!

⇒  I believe with Revat we can be part of the energy that flows around us!

⇒  It teaches us how to use physical movement to focus and direct the mind!

⇒  It teaches us to create!

⇒ Revat practice offers an intense core muscle workout!

⇒ It increases our physical and spiritual awareness!



These are some of the reasons why I believe in the practice of Revat to be beneficial and fun for everyone. What are yours?

Sifu Ingo Weigel

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