The Revat Difference

Everyone has two arms and two legs and after thousands of years, we have discovered every possible way to punch and kick. There are no secret techniques. The secret is in the how; how you train and how you execute your techniques.

Through training, you'll learn to harness the energy of the attack. Instead of opposing force with force, you will discover how to complete your opponent’s movements by accepting his flow of energy as he aims it, thus using his own force to defeat him.
REVAT is most effective when it comes to close quarter combat and personal safety overall. Compared to traditional and mixed martial arts, REVAT reflex training works on a deeper level.
It allows you to control how you act and react under pressure (such as a fight) without thinking about it. Therefore, Revat can be a great addition to your regular martial arts training.

Revat starts where most martial arts stop.



Practitioners of Revat follow two rules:

1. An Opponent Is Always Stronger!

2. The "2-Second Rule"!


Why Revat Works

Nerve reflex training is the most effective method of self-defense and close combat training. The skills developed in the reflex striking program (REVAT) eliminate thought. A conflict begins - the reflex striker finds contact, overruns that contact and puts down the assailant.
The overrunning of contact - based upon deflection and countering, is the crucial element in Revat. Revat allows a smaller person to defeat a larger opponent. Athletic strength and flexibility are developed simultaneously to the development of nerve reflexes, so that when the individual progresses through the system, the body is adapting in several ways in order to fulfill the actual needs of a conflict situation.

Essentially, Revat (reflex striking) is the (re)training of reflexes in order to create a sudden method of dealing with assault. It is also a genuinely safe and effective method of exercise. Revat changes the way your body reacts. The reflexes of the Revat system simply become your reflexes, and therefore are always present. These reflexes are great for martial arts practitioners of any style. Revat teaches you how to move and react after the first contact has been made and before the fight goes to the ground. In fact, a fight usually does not go to the ground when using Revat. Revat techniques can improve a fighter's effectiveness in competitions.



The Five Distances of Revat

Revat can be successfully applied in all five fighting distances. The five fighting distances are:

        - The Kicking Range

        - The Punching Range

        - The Knee and Elbow Range

        - The Wrestling / Grappling Range

        - Ground fighting

As a fighter trained in Revat you don't have to switch between different styles anymore. It doesn't matter in what distance the fight starts or ends. You'll learn to react appropriately, effectively and instinctively in any given situation.


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