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Everything we do, we believe in challenging conventionalism. We believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo by making our programs value driven, based on real life situations, and effective for anyone and everyone.

Revat is a highly efficient and unique self-defense system because it gives you the best of both worlds. You can learn about ancient principles of martial arts and how to use them to balance your mind and body, strengthen your confidence and increase your self-worth. The practice of Revat is about self-creation and self-improvement. Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary, reviving and de-stressing experience through the practice of Revat.

Revat also gives you the best in self-defense because it teaches you the most effective self-defense techniques as well as conditions your mind to stay calm and cool when you need it most. This is accomplished through NRP exercises (NeuroReflexive Programming).

With Revat you’ll learn to use the same techniques in all five fighting distances. This is unique in the world of martial arts. Every technique and every exercise has been researched, tested and is proven to work many hundred times under “no matter what…” conditions. That means is doesn’t matter who attacks, when it happens or where or “no matter what…”!

It works for you because the “2 Rules of Self-Defense” are always the deciding factor.

Revat builds character and integrity. The basis of Revat philosophy is built upon harmonizing the body and mind in a peaceful, efficient and fluent way. Life is energy in motion. You’ll learn that you can become one with everything around you, and should not oppose force with force, but rather accept it and move with it.


"You not only learn how to move your body

but also how to move your mind."


Revat is a lifestyle, not a trend. It is about living life to its fullest, living consciously in the moment. There is no time to think. You have to be part of the energy that flows around you and learn to use physical movements to focus and direct the mind. In exercise just like in life, you cannot rely on technique alone... you have to learn to create.


"Life's problems are different for each of us and each of us needs 

a different way of solving them. We have to create our own method,

shape our own path in life. If you imitate, you'll be a shadow of someone else!

You have to create yourself in order to be YOU!"


Revat offers a great cardio and core muscle workout, increases mental focus and coordination. It also increases your physical and spiritual awareness which can help you create a more fulfilling life in harmony, joy and happiness. Revat is personal development through martial arts.




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